Friday, February 6, 2009

Ever Wanted to Ask Lindsay A Question?

Now is your chance!  Lindsay has been gracious enough to agree to answer fan questions.   Just leave a comment to this post, or email us from the Contact Us page.

Scream Queens Wrap Up From James Gunn

Again, no spoilers, Games Gunn wrote a series wrap-up, and you can read it here.

Scream Queens Finale!

I won't say anything to ruin the ending, here is the first part of the finale:

You can see the other parts here.

As usual, VH1 has a gallery.

SQ: Episode 7

Episode seven of Scream Queens found a joyful Lindsay winning the directors challenge.  Here is VH1's brief recap, and here is the photo gallery.

Lindsay talks about Episode 5 and 6

Lindsay talked on her VH1 Blog about the big developments that happened in episodes 5 and 6. If you have seen the episodes, you know a lot of introspection when on during that period, here is an except:
In the part where I say "I hate myself the most." I did not necessarily mean that in the self deprecating way that it sounded. I am, as I have said, my own worst critic... but I am tired of it. I have been fed up with that little voice in my head telling me "You can't" or "You're not good enough". I want to tell the little voice to go f*ck himself. Easily said than done of course. It's a battle I have been fighting for a long time. I do have confidence in my ability... but it has been a tough road. When I yelled "You will never take away my will to fight!", I was talking to THAT part of myself. The part that tells me I can't.

James Gunn talks about Episode 6

James Gunn a pretty long section on Lindsay's performance in his blog.  Here is an except:

I also told Lindsay, which wasn't shown in the episode, that I was not immune to feeling doubt or nervousness or fear and perhaps if she shared this stuff with me I could help her do the work in spite of it.  I have many years behind me of writing, directing, producing, and acting – many of which I did while feeling like crap about myself, the world, or some situation.  To turn in the performance we all knew Lindsay was capable of, she needed to trust me as a director.  At this point, she had no other choice.

SQ Episode 6: Recaps/Photos

Episode 6 had a ton of developments.  First, the Scream Queens have to act out a possession scene under the supervision of Shawnee Smith.  Lindsay does a great job, but the other contestants are overwhelmed by her cleavage:

Later on, the Scream Queens are given a tough challenge by John Homa, the girls are teamed up and have to act as each other.  This leads to an outpouring of emotion:

The directors challenge brought in veteran actor Michael Rooker.  He was to be the victim of the Scream Queens vamp, and Lindsay sank her teeth into the role ;)

However,  the judges still decided to summon Lindsay, but she lived to fight another day.

You read the VH1 show recap and view the episode gallery for more information.

James Gunn Behind the Scenes on SQ Ep. 5

Director and Scream Queens judge James Gunn has blogged about Episode 5, here is an except on what he had to say about Lindsay:

I was becoming worried about Lindsay. Undoubtedly, she had more knowledge of her craft than the other Scream Queens, and she had talent. But I was afraid her nerves were getting to her. I had seen it in the audition process the week before and this week in the Director's Challenge.
You can read more here.

SQ Episode 5: Bring on the Roaches!

A couple thousand roaches?  Check.  Beautiful women in bikinis? Check.  A lake full of blood? Check.  This sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend, or a terrible way to spend a weeked, I can't decide which.

If this lead interests you, and lets face it, how couldn't it? Check out the VH1 Episode 5 Recap and the Photo Gallery.  And, just to make up for the roach covered photo at the top of the post, another Lindsay photo:

Video Rip of Scream Queens Ep. 4

A fan named JustBill captured footage from Scream Queens and posted it.  Here are some screencaps he made:

You can download the video here.

Lindsay Blogs About Episode 4

Lindsay Blogs about episode 4 one her VH1 Blog.

I was lucky that before I started freakin out in the audition room, that I got a good read out for the "tough girl" role. I think a lot of the girls were surprised that I landed that part being that it is pretty much the opposite of how I am in "real life" but for those of you that are at all familiar with my past career, it wasn't so far off from certain other roles I perfected (ahem, Caitlin)... So it was really fun to kinda "return to my roots".

SQ Episode 4: VH1 Recaps and Gallery

Alright, calm down.  There hasn't been a post in a while.   Let's clear the backlog.

First, VH1 has the Episode 4 Recap online.   If you want to see more photos, check out the VH1 Gallery  for the episode.

James Gunn has a very good behind the scenes writeup, you can check it out here.  Here is an except when he talks about Lindsay in Reform School Zombie Squad:

She also showed good improvisational skills when she was beating up the zombie – something that's important to me as a director, because I often throw new lines at actors while we're shooting.  I laughed out loud every time she made her tough girl face and threatened the camera with her switchblade.  
I don't know, she looks pretty tough to me:

And of course, I am sure everyone wants to see the trailer for Reform School Zombie Squad!