Friday, February 6, 2009

Ever Wanted to Ask Lindsay A Question?

Now is your chance!  Lindsay has been gracious enough to agree to answer fan questions.   Just leave a comment to this post, or email us from the Contact Us page.


surefire said...

Is Scream Queens going to come out on DVD? Will there be any extra features?

Mistavibe said...

To Lindsay.

Hey Lindsay, I've been watching you since your acting days in Goosebumps. I have watched you persevere and grow into an astounding talent.

You deserve all the fruits that life has given you.

Even though you didn't win VH1, I think you are the brightest of them all and you're still a superstar in my eyes.

A toast to continued success to a fine actress and and even finer spirit.

Your fan.


Tom said...

Hey Lindsay. Despite the outcome I think you displayed the best actressing of all the girls on Scream Queens. Losing out on a starring role in Saw Whatever is definitely you dodging a bullet and not missing an opportunity. My question is would you read a script for a short film if someone sent you one? And by someone I mean me.

Thanks for taking the time to read fan questions. Hope your computer woes got resolved.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I loved to watch Caitlin's Way. I heard it came out on DVD in europe, will it ever come out here?

What's next for you?


Nils said...

Lindsay I just wanted to say you are awesome and I wish you the best of luck.

Juss said...

What's her next project? When's the next update for this site?