Friday, February 6, 2009

SQ Episode 4: VH1 Recaps and Gallery

Alright, calm down.  There hasn't been a post in a while.   Let's clear the backlog.

First, VH1 has the Episode 4 Recap online.   If you want to see more photos, check out the VH1 Gallery  for the episode.

James Gunn has a very good behind the scenes writeup, you can check it out here.  Here is an except when he talks about Lindsay in Reform School Zombie Squad:

She also showed good improvisational skills when she was beating up the zombie – something that's important to me as a director, because I often throw new lines at actors while we're shooting.  I laughed out loud every time she made her tough girl face and threatened the camera with her switchblade.  
I don't know, she looks pretty tough to me:

And of course, I am sure everyone wants to see the trailer for Reform School Zombie Squad!

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