Friday, February 6, 2009

SQ Episode 6: Recaps/Photos

Episode 6 had a ton of developments.  First, the Scream Queens have to act out a possession scene under the supervision of Shawnee Smith.  Lindsay does a great job, but the other contestants are overwhelmed by her cleavage:

Later on, the Scream Queens are given a tough challenge by John Homa, the girls are teamed up and have to act as each other.  This leads to an outpouring of emotion:

The directors challenge brought in veteran actor Michael Rooker.  He was to be the victim of the Scream Queens vamp, and Lindsay sank her teeth into the role ;)

However,  the judges still decided to summon Lindsay, but she lived to fight another day.

You read the VH1 show recap and view the episode gallery for more information.

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