Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interview with Travis Legge

Travis Legge, the director of Raymond Did it,which will star Lindsay Felton, took the time to answer a few of our questions.

Questions and answer are after the break.

  • Tell us a how you came up with the idea for Raymond Did It.
 I have always been a fan of horror films, particularly the slasher sub-genre. I wanted to write a film that honors the entire genre of slasher film, so I wrote something that I felt expressed some of the archetypical ideas put forth by the genre. I had originally written Raymond Did It to submit to a contest, but I like the film so much, I decided to make it myself. 
  • You already had a business creating comic books and RPG's, what made you want to become a film maker?
I've always loved movies. I was fortunate enough to become involved in the Media Production Specialist program at Rock Valley College, which is a superb school, and provides state of the art equipment to the students. I learned everything I reasonably could and started using my access to equipment to make short films. The transition seemed to make sense to me. Comics are a visual medium, just as film is. Role-playing games are mainly about storytelling. Good film focuses on visually telling a story. It just made sense to transition into film making, though I am still actively working on comics and games.
  • Has making a film been more or less difficult than you imagined?
I would say in some ways its been both. We have been very blessed with casting, Getting Lindsay on board was a huge achievement and she recommended Jessica, for which I will be forever in her debt. I'm also thrilled to be working with Kyle Hoskins again and to have Elissa Dowling, Valerie Meachum, and Linda Cieslik on board. I am casting the male roles this week, and we are very fortunate to have so many talented actors vying for a space within our film. I have been surprised by some of the challenges we have faced (such as getting access to emergency vehicles for a particular scene) but all told, we have been extremely lucky. 
  • How did you find out about Lindsay Felton?  
I first heard of Lindsay through VH1 Scream Queens. When I started production on Raymond Did It, I approached her via twitter, and much to my pleasant surprise she was willing to talk about the idea. We discussed the role, she seems very enthusiastic about the film and I'm very pleased to have her on board. 
  • When did you know wanted her in your movie?
I saw her on twitter at some point and I had just re-watched Scream Queens. I thought to myself "she would make an excellent Tammy. Can't hurt to ask" So I approached her.
  • Lindsay will be playing the role of Tammy, tell us a little about it.
Tammy is a woman trying to live with the trauma of one tragic event in her past. She is at her heart a good person, probably the most virtuous person in the film.She was friends with Raymond when they were children, and the events in the beginning of the film hit her very hard, knocking her into years of depression and alienating her from her peers. Tammy is forced to make some very difficult decisions in the film, and I believe Lindsay will bring the emotional range and intensity that the character demands.
  • Shooting starts in June, when do you think the movie will reach audiences?
I am hoping for a Halloween release, but alot of that will depend on distributors. I am actively talking with a few different people about distribution, and depending on which route I go, the release may be delayed in order to draw attention to the film via advertising, which isn't exactly a bad thing.
  • How can fans help you guys out?
Fans can make a donation to our project fund at or via paypal at at our convenient Paypal button. There are donation incentives detailed at both sites, so the fans can get promotional posters, mentions on my blog, and even an invite to the official wrap party in Rockford, Illinois. Parties interested in investing 1000 dollars or more can email me at to learn more about becoming a producer, with the opportunity to share in the film's profits. 
  • Is there any last things you'd like to say, links to share, etc?
I would like to stress how lucky we are to have our whole cast, especially Lindsay, who is incredibly talented and exceptionally professional. I cannot wait to work with her in June! Fans interested in keeping an eye on whats going on and learning about the film can visit us at or for news and updates. Lastly, let me thank all of Lindsay's fans for their support. It's appreciated!

Thanks again to Travis for his time.  You can ready more about Raymond Did It here.  Don't forget you can subscribe to our RSS feed.


surefire said...

Travis, I want to thank you for casting Lindsay, she is a great talent and I hope you both find a lot of success.

Travis said...

Thanks so much. I feel quite lucky to be able to work with Lindsay. She is an amazing actress and I can't wait to start filming with her!