Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another RDI review: "Revenge is a dish served bloody" has a positive review of Raymond Did It, with this excerpt on Lindsay's performance:

Most people will notice Lindsay Felton from VH1′s Scream Queens: Season 1 as Tammy, the good-hearted, pill popping insomniac who likes Raymond, but never went to the cops to help send Paige away to juvie. This indiscretion hangs over her head when she finds out Raymond has escaped from the mental hospital. Does Tammy go to the cops with the truth, plan to take on Raymond, or nothing like she did six years ago? The answer to this plays out in a way you don’t see coming so pay close attention to her character.
Also make sure to check out the RDI webpage to see where it is Raymond Did It is premiering.

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