Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Raymond Did It Delayed to 2011?

Delayed until 2011? Noooo!
The director of Raymond Did It, Travis Legge, posted on his production company blog that the movie would not make it's original Halloween release date:
Over the past few weeks I, along with Editor Robert J. Williams and DP/Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Stotz, have determined that there is no way we can hit the originally intended October release date. Several factors went into this decision, including monetary concerns (we still need money. You can totally donate via paypal on our films page or if you are interested in investing in Raymond Did It, email me at raymonddidit (at), music issues (still working on a score), marketing concerns (we need time to run a proper advertising campaign)  and a general desire to make the film as great as possible. As of now, we are looking to early 2011 as our release date. I feel when the film finally comes out, the fans will see all the hard work that has gone into the film and find the finished product to be truly worth the wait.
 The good news is that Travis tells me that the theatrical trailer and poster should be ready in the next few weeks.  It seems that everything is still going forward, just not at the pace Lindsay Felton fans might have hoped for.

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