Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little More Info on Raymond Did It

The Rock River Times has an article on an investors meeting for Raymond Did It.  Here is what they had to say about Lindsay:

Lindsay Felton (VH1 Scream Queens, Grind) co-stars as Tammy, a young woman tormented by guilt for what she and her friends did to Raymond. With years in front of the camera, having worked with some of the greatest talents in Hollywood, Felton brings experience and finely-tuned craft to this demanding role.

Looks like filming will begin in June.  If you want to help make the movie, become an extra, or invest, there is all sorts of information on how to do so in the article.


Anonymous said...

Hey what can i say, in Hollywood the only way to make it,is to give everything you got.
But Lindsay hasn't quite done that yet. like the blond hair though!
she has the tools now she needs the guts to use them to her advantage.
and we all know what that means.
a little nudity goes a long way.
wish her the best.

surefire said...

@anomymous Lindsay is gorgeous, but she doesn't need to do anything she isn't comfortable with. She is a talented actress, not just someone who is there for their looks.