Monday, October 20, 2008

Scream Queens Airs Tonight!

Scream Queens premiers tonight at 10PM Eastern on VH1!  Don't miss it.


surefire said...

I saw the show last night, it was fun to watch. Lindsay looked great, liek she always does.

I will be watching the rest of the series for sure, Good Luck Lindsay!

barriowolf said...

I saw the show last night, and I think no matter what the results of the are I believe Lindsay Felton will break out one way or another.
I am a fan of a good horror movie, and I think she's got all the right stuff to make a great "scream queen" good look, skills and I think she sends a good vibe.
I can imagine these shows are edited to make some good drama, but I think it's just fascinating making film.
Good Luck kiddo