Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scream Queens: Scantily Clad Beautiful Girls?

Now that we have your attention, James Gunn has some interesting information about Scream Queens on his MySpace Blog.  Gunn, director of such films as Dawn of the Dead and Slither is also one of the judges on the VH1 reality show.  He posted the following:

But now I've shot the entire series, and I think it's great fucking stuff. Every week I guide the contestants through a "Director's Challenge" (often involving ungodly, horrifying things, and scantily-clad-perhaps-even nude beautiful girls), and every week I sit on a panel with my fellow judges to kick someone off.
James seems to be a master of self promotion.  Hopefully this will lead to high ratings, but has anyone seen any over the air advertisement for Scream Queens?

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Anonymous said...

James Gunn, you had me at "scantily clad"...